Jardins de Babylone
La haute Couture de la nature
  Paris,  France

2011 | Expansion Stage


Jardins de Babylone is a Parisian company specialising in botany and plant engineering.
It provides a consultancy service proposing innovative techniques and solutions for integrating planting in buildings and the urban setting. It has developed technologies which include:
•Acoustic and thermal insulation of the building envelope leading to significant energy gains
•Absorption of pollution in the form of airborne fine particles
•Improvement of the biodiversity of the inner-city environment
•Partial recycling of waste water
Recent examples of the use of this technology include the green wall of the prestigious Musée du Quai Branly, and the hanging ‘spider’s web’ garden.

We have offices in Paris, Shanghai and Hong Kong, and have participated in projects for both ‘Reinventing Paris 1 and 2’.
Jardins de Babylone has already obtained the ‘Acteur du Paris Durable 2014’ (Sustainable Paris) label, was a Design Awards recipient in 2015, and a Victoires du Paysage award winner in 2016.


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