Tracking the built environment in real-time with Digital Twins
  Oslo,  Norway

2016 | Growth Stage


Imerso is a Digital Twin platform for Construction and Property Development projects that combines 3D Scanning, BIM and AI to track work progress in real-time.

The platform provides an efficient alternative to the current methods of tracking work quality and progress, such as in-person inspections, spot measurements, and thousands of photos. Our solution removes subjectivity from the inspection process, and instead analysis millions of data points automatically to provide objective KPI's on the project progress.

Imerso introduces two superpowers to any type of building project:

- 3D Scanning as simple as taking a photo, so any non-expert can digitise an entire building site in a matter of hours - in full 3D, with milimeter precision.

- Automatic inspection of the field work against the building plans in BIM by and AI-driven online platform.

The project teams can access the Digital Twin of the jobsite from any browser, with alerts of any problematic work deviations that can be resolved early, without unnecessary costs and delays to the project.

The technology has been developed in collaboration with leading research institutes in Norway and is already deployed by some the largest Contractors and Property Developers in the Nordics.


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