Smart Investment
  Madrid,  Spain

2015 |


Housers is the first savings and investment platform that has revolutionized the rules of the game making possible the democratization of investment in real assets. Today, thanks to Housers, thousands of investors can secure a future and get the most out of their savings with simplicity and diversification like never before.

Housers allows you to invest in assets that you can see and touch since all investments are always linked to real and tangible assets. They are investment and saving products where the risk of total loss is very low and there is low volatility.

This way you can build a long-term heritage and get a month-to-month income.

Thanks to our presence in several countries, the diversification capacity of our users increases and makes a difference in the sector because Housers is the first pan-European platform that offers this type of assets in an integrated manner and in a single place.

Undoubtedly, Housers is the best option to ensure a magnificent financial future from only € 50 per month.


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