Property maintenance made simple.
  London,  United Kingdom

2016 | Growth Stage


HomyzePro is property maintenance made simple.

Underpinned by a powerful platform that allows both scheduled and reactive maintenance to be handled from issue reporting or work order issuance through to resolution and payment. We offer a complete solution for all property maintenance needs.

Whether you need a system to handle out of hours tenant communication – either by phone or email – or want a fully outsourced property management solution, HomyzePro can help.

We will triage your tenant requests to avoid unnecessary spend; use your preferred contractors or provide access to the HomyzePro network if you need additional coverage; act based on either account (or property) spend limits and escalation procedures and most importantly keep you updated throughout the process from reporting to resolution via your portal. You can also tailor your notification settings if needed in order to stay on top of work orders and spend.

HomyzePro also offers a learning algorithm that benchmarks contractors and ensures they are performing along metrics such as on-time attendance, first-time fixes and satisfaction ratings.

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