Making buildings more efficient means working smarter, faster while taking in the account the environment. Be with us!
  london,  United Kingdom

2019 | Startup Stage


Predictive e-procurement software for energy efficient & low carbon footprint buildings

Designing a house to increase energy efficiency or to lower carbon emissions it is time consuming and most often, mistakes happen.
HOMEPOD is a predictive e-procurement software that helps to discover, plan and buy architectural resources. We use AI to discover products by their CO2 footprint or energy efficiency performance.

There is a huge problem. 9 in 10 property developments including home designs are over budget
5 in 10 designs cost more to maintain compared to what is being advertised and 4 in 10 of property design income fee comes from new clients.

We solve this with an end-to-end analytics for sustainability and energy efficiency
Predictive e-procurement software improves the efficiency of construction and engineering processes by providing two-dimensional simulation models to end-users for analysis. IoT is also moving higher with billions of data points which makes the building more responsive to local conditions. In order for the designer to increase building efficiency or to reduce carbon footprint we have created the predictive e-procurement software. Our plan is to leverage this data for sustainable use to increase the uptake of energy efficient or eco-friendly products or materials in buildings that are being developed or retrofitted.


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