VIEW ALL by Mox Innovations GmbH
All houses & homes in one place! Virtual, interactive and online.

We are developing an online-market-place for all the show-homes and houses, apartments and real estate projects, that have not been built yet. Shown in the most technologically advanced and immersive way, using Virtual Reality, interactive Video Guides, Panoramas and web-based 3D Navigation.

So the costumer has the chance to really fully understand and compare all the projects.
Created by not only a few big construction firms, but architects, engineers, middle-class companies and many more.

This marketplace is not to be confused with one of the many online-catalogues of houses and homes, some very comprehensive, some very specific. Because every one of them fails to show these houses in all it´s necessary detail.

We are planning to erase the need for the customer to drive to a far off place, where they can view some show-homes built and maintained by the few construction companies. But rather be able to compare all available designs, while fully understand every aspect.