H3 Zoom Facade Inspector
AI-enabled, Expert Validated, Interactive High-Rise Facade Inspection Reports as a Digital Service on Cloud
  Singapore,  Singapore

2016 | Startup Stage


H3 Zoom Facade Inspector It is the first digital service of its kind to incorporate a proprietary machine learning algorithm to an expert validated inspection report process, so that today's paper-based solution can be completely interactive and accessible from any device, or from a digital command and control center. Data collection is also digital and removes the need for work at height and the set up of gondolas, boom lifts or ropes, by using thermal or HD drone cameras, that upload automated data collection flight paths based on a proprietary software that helps optimise precision and accuracy of results. Designed In close partnership with Singapore's leading commercial and industrial infrastructure developer - JTC Corporation, H3 Zoom's solution is helps reduce costs, increase safety, accelerate and scale facade inspection activities for facilities management companies, building owners, facade specialists, engineering companies, as well as inspection contractors.


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