GlobalRecom AG
Platform for off-market real estate deals
  Zürich,  Switzerland

2016 | Startup Stage


GlobalRecom is an intelligent digital market place - strictly for real estate professionals.

It drastically increases the efficiency to find the real estate you are looking for and to find the right client for your real estate.

Unlike working with the known real estate listings, on GlobalRecom you can't "search". GlobalRecom's intelligent matching system will find the search profiles and listings that really fit together.

No browsing through endless lists, no overflown email inbox with countless proposals.

On GlobalRecom you can compare directly your listings and search profiles with the fitting counterparts. After comparing you can request it - or deny it. In case of a request the other user receives a notification and can compare the two assets as well.

If both parties request - they have a match. Now the two can directly communicate with each other and exchange further information to close the deal.

The integrated user rating allows users to black and white list other users to build up their very personal network of real estate professionals.

Because of GlobalRecom's strict asset protection it is the first tool available to promote efficiently off-market real estate online.

At the moment GlobalRecom is available in Germany, Switzerland, Spain and Austria. New territories will be available soon.