Be smart - be where profits grow.

Geospin is a young company that employs a team of highly qualified data scientists and developers. It offers location intelligence software solutions with a focus on geo machine learning. This software company helps cities to become smart. Based on the methods of machine learning (neural networks, deep learning, gradient boosting, random forest), internal data and more than 800 geo data sources, the algorithms find large-scale solutions to problems with spatial reference. This state-of-the-art and innovative technology enables you to identify geographic key performance indicators (GKPIs), to simulate different business scenarios and to predict housing/rental prices. In contrast to common approaches, we enrich the geographical business information with additional external spatial data such as weather forecasts, traffic, infrastructure, and demographics.

Geospin targets companies that have large amounts of data with spatial reference and want to make regular decisions based on this data. The focus sectors are real estate, mobility, energy, insurance and retail. Geospin’s self-learning algorithms can reliably predict the rental price of residential and commercial properties of various sizes and features. Our algorithms can scale as desired and are even applicable to areas where there is no real-estate market data available. Geospin has already won numerous customers, including industrial partners such as Union Investment, Siemens, Bosch, Volkswagen and Deutsche Bahn.


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