Friendly Fire Visuals
Expanding Reality & Specialists
  Nürnberg,  Germany

2016 | Startup Stage


Who the heck is that and what are they doing?

Let's just say we're crazy. If you're still at the computer at three in the morning to test the latest developments in 3D real-time development, that's a bit crazy.
But that's what makes us special. We want innovation. Development. Even better resolution, even more detailed drawing. Even more realistic, more convincing. Simple: it's about the best result for your project!
 For the presentation of your ideas and products, we offer captivating real-time visualizations of the latest generation. Interactive and tangible - tangibly different. This will convince your customers sustainably. Because identifying and presenting the potential of your projects and products - that is our strength. Our team of crazy people (designers, graphic artists, web designers, programmers, lighting designers, interior architects, and interpreters) has been working together successfully for a long time, always keen to face new challenges. That's exactly why we beat our nights around the ears. Contact us. We are looking forward to your project!

Present your project in a virtual, interactive environment! Enter your building before construction begins! Walkable, interactive usable.

Interactive functions such as Opening doors and windows, simulating different lighting situations, trying out different coverings and materials in real time, incorporating sound and visual effects, moving furniture and fixtures are only a small part of the possibilities.

The intended uses are architectural and product visualizations. Freely programmable interactions make it possible, for example, to change materials and lighting scenes at the push of a button, to "look inside" products virtually, or to display information on specific parts of a product as needed.
You get a clear idea of ​​how design, material and color selection harmonize with each other - even before the construction phase begins. Also, to obtain planning permission, visualizations become more important in advance and can be very helpful. Also for presentations of brochures, posters or video presentations.

Our team is complemented by specialists in the field of spatial psychology, lighting design, interior design, designers, marketing specialists, journalists and suppliers.

With us you get architecture + marketing from a single source.