Frameless is the fastest tool to transform any place in seconds into intelligent high-quality mixed reality environment

Frameless combines mixed reality with artificial intelligence to provide an application that simplifies capturing any entire place and converting it to high quality immersive virtual environment in seconds using a smartphone.

With current solutions in the market, converting any place to a 3D environment is slow, cumbersome, and costly. But Frameless is different because our smartphone app doesn’t require a 360 camera to capture the multiple rooms of a place, and it automatically links these different rooms in seconds to create a virtual environment. This is then analyzed using our 360 AI engine to add automatic annotations and semantic understanding. Our app also features a powerful 3D content management system to augment the virtual environments with text/URLs/videos/picture/objects.

Our technology is an ideal PropTech tool that address the massive need to create virtual environment for real estate marketing and reporting, and also unlocks use cases for tourism and immersive storytelling.