The only place where you can easily rent a fully equipped flat for a few months.

Flatio is a unique marketplace of mid-term rentals where you can easily rent a fully equipped apartment with the internet connection and all utilities included in rent. The main advantages of using Flatio are:
- You pay no deposit. Landlords are covered with our Coverage damage guarantee.
- Internet connection is on when you move-in and it's included in rental.
- All utilities are included in rental.
- You are booking directly from the landlords.
- The contract is signed online and is bilingual so it's easy for you to understand what are you signing.
- You have the right to move out with money return guarantee and with extra 5 days accommodation in the hotel for free if the reality is not as the apartment was presented at Flatio.
- You can pay rent with your credit card, Bitcoin or directly to the bank account in your country.
- You can rent an apartment starting one month to 12 months.


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