Field Factors
Making stormwater a valuable resource
  Delft,  Netherlands

2016 | Startup Stage


___In urban cities, rainwater is often seen as a burden, while freshwater is one of the most valuable assets on earth. This needs to change, and that's why we effectively catch, treat, and store rainwater. Making it available for later use, powered by nature___

Field Factors is a Dutch water technology provider, founded in 2016 in Delft, with the ambition to restore the natural water cycle in cities. With an integral approach and special attention to spatial quality, we develop innovative solutions for decentralized water management, treatment, and supply.

Our vision is to improve the quality of the living environment by managing water in a meaningful way. Environmental degradation, growing populations, and the consequences of climate change have made the limitations of the centralized model for supplying and discharging water in urban areas evident. That's why we engineer, supply and maintain compact water treatment systems that enable circular use of rainwater, restore the natural water cycle and add value to the built environment.

In 2018, we implemented our first generation of Bluebloqs Technology, working closely together with researchers, manufacturers, and contractors. Bluebloqs is a modular system for rainwater management, as it combines biofiltration with aquifer storage technologies to achieve high treatment and recovery efficiencies. As a compact, integrated system, Bluebloqs mimics natural processes in a controlled environment. Turning rainwater into a valuable resource. Our technology tackles multiple problems at the same time, such as heat, drought, and heavy rainfall. It can reduce water footprints, balance groundwater levels, and offer a green alternative for sewage replacement. In 2019, we are launching 5 new pilots in Dutch, Belgian and Spanish cities.

Our growing multidisciplinary and international team of product designers, environmental engineers, and landscape architects, carries out projects from design to completion, delivering turnkey solutions. From our base in Delft, we work on urban development and construction projects in the private and public markets. Through continuous testing and monitoring our systems, we guarantee high performance and reliability.

We strive to make every project unique, outstanding, functional and long-lasting.


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