FalconBrick Technologies
Automate & Accelerate construction / real-estate projects using the power of mobile

FalconBrick Technologies is a proptech startup based in Bangalore, India. We offer a first-of-its-kind, end-to-end, mobile-based construction management solution for real estate builders & construction firms. Founded by 3 entrepreneurs with a blend of construction & tech experience, this extremely user-friendly mobile app helps builders & construction firms accelerate their projects, complete them up to 20 % earlier, save costs by upto 15 % & provide MUCH SUPERIOR quality to end consumers / home buyers.

Even though Construction is a huge industry worldwide, it is plagued by HUGE issues – primarily project delays & cost overruns. A key reason for this is very low productivity levels, mainly due to old ways of working. And one of the reasons for low productivity is limited technology adoption.

It is this burning issue which FalconBrick aims to address by digitising entire construction operations in a way that helps monitor large projects at the "click of a button", speeden projects and enables much earlier handover to end customers

Backed by robust technology, the solution addresses EVERY stage of a project life-cycle – right from Project start & excavation, right upto Handover, Post possession & Facilities Management. The solution is flexible & customizable to the core, based on the specific business objectives of each builder. Hence it can be implemented at a variety of projects (residential, commercial, retail, industrial & Infrastructure).

The solution brings ALL TEAMS (Site execution, Quality, Planning & CRM) as well as contractors and management onto a single platform, with 2 components
1) A workflow solution on an easy-to-use mobile app, to be used by site staff & contractors
2) A powerful package of Real-time Data Analytics & LIVE Dashboards, which predicts delays, monitors progress real-time & benchmarks performance of projects, employees & contractors

Using the above, we have helped solve REAL, on-ground issues in construction. For the first time, our customer builders have achieved ~20 % reduction in project delays, ~70% better project quality, a paperless organization & a 24*7 connected jobsite !!

In a short period of time, FalconBrick has quickly grown to multiple cities & builders. Our solution has been adopted by LARGE & REPUTED builders across 10 large Indian cities. We already raised 2 funding rounds. We aim to grow exponentially - go live at 2000 + builders across India and international markets (Middle East, South East Asia)