docu tools GmbH
Easy handling of sophisticated construction projects:
One tool for all construction sites in 21 languages.

docu tools is a web-based software solution supporting professionals in the construction and real estate industry in the management of complex projects.

- 20% precious time saving (up to 8 hrs or € 360 per person/week)
- 30 years of experience in building
- Proof construction documentation
- Cross-team collaboration
- Efficient project communication
- Interconnected task management
- Easy defect management
- > 10.000 projects, > 1,5 milion photos
- 21 languages in more than 25 countries

docu tools is the original for the entire lifecycle of any type of real estate with versatile applications:

- Construction documentation | Planning, Project management and Construction supervision
- Project communication | Cities and Municipalities, Infrastructure companies
- Task and defect management | Owners, Facility and Property management

Austria-based docu tools GmbH developed the documentation software docu tools as a professional tool for the construction and real estate industry. The creators of this milestone in building documentation and recording of evidence possess more than 30 years of industry experience and know-how.