Crypto Real Estate
Switzerland's Real Estate Tokenization Experts

Crypto Real Estate ltd is a real estate innovation lab that strives to elevate real estate to new heights by leading it into the blockchain era. With SwissRealCoin we created a concept that allows tokenization of real estate in a fully compliant manner. This concept is not only scalable to portfolios of other real estate types and geographical regions but is also extendable to other assets! Asset-backed tokens or security tokens have many desirable characteristics, they have a tangible underlying wherefrom they partially derive their value. Due to the high tradeability, it offers the great advantage of bringing liquidity to structurally illiquid assets. Our data-driven real estate management and investment assistant streamlines and automates tedious business processes in the sector and thereby provides the first reliable industry standard. Last but not least, we consult traditional players with our blockchain and transformation expertise to prepare them for and guarantee their smooth transition phase into the new real estate reality.


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