Cosine Labs
With Aime, Life is Now

Cosine Labs is an IOT company focused on creating smart spaces and ensure an elevated living experience. AIME is our product that combines Artificial Intelligence and Device integration to provide a smart living experience, AIME stands for Artificial Intelligence + Me.

We provide innovative interaction methods and intelligent learning algorithms, to bring the next generation smart living products to the market. With automated Security, Lighting, HVAC, Appliance Control, Energy management for Rupee savings, Safety solutions, Enhanced entrance management, Entertainment and many more offerings; the company is working towards becoming ubiquitous in the Smart Living space. The product is fully customised to the Indian market with an end-to-end comprehensive offering. Integrated with our solution are the property management portal, energy efficiency and green living offerings.

This solution across multiple sectors such as homes, commercial spaces, retail, hospitality, co-living etc.


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