Digitising the physical world
  London,  United Kingdom

2015 | Growth Stage


Converge is a London-based startup that is using AI and sensor data to optimise productivity, sustainability and safety on construction sites.

Our flagship product, ConcreteDNA, is a sensor which measures the compressive strength, temperature and relative humidity of concrete wirelessly and in real-time. ConcreteDNA has been used on over 200 projects in the UK, Hong Kong and Singapore, including iconic developments such as Battersea Power Station and major infrastructure projects such as Crossrail and Hinkley Point C. Using our growing data-set, combined with the latest in artificial intelligence, we have been able to build a predictive engine which can accurately forecast when concrete will hit strength using real-time weather forecast data so contractors can more efficiently plan their activities and allocate resources.

ConcreteDNA is part of a suite of sensor use cases that we are developing in partnership with some of the world’s largest contractors, with the aim of providing full visibility of construction elements from factory to installation and operation.

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