Embrace the digital transformation of your real estate - For better transparency, predictability and visualization
  Berlin,  Germany

2015 | Startup Stage


Convaron (former VRnow) is a one-stop solution for consultancy and services in the field of real estate digitization. Founded in 2015 as Proptech-Startup in Berlin, our goal is to enable property owners to manage their portfolio more efficiently and competitively.

--Turn floor plans into insightful data--

The floor plan analysis gives property owners an improved planning ability regarding the operating costs, maintenance, renovation, modernization, extensions and new constructions. The algorithms behind it, are based on artificial intelligence and automatically extract architectural information from any given floor plan.
Extracted data includes the number, size and type of rooms, doors, windows and furniture. The information are then integrated into our asset management platform or the systems of the client (such as Aareon or SAP) and enable easy access to structured data, making asset management even more efficient and resource-friendly.
For optimal resource management

The owner can make decisions based on fully transparent and accurate data sets of their real estate. Smart filters and reports also generate insights at property, district or portfolio level. For the analysis, we only need a scan of the floor plans or blueprints. If they are only available in paper form, we can provide our clients with our in-house service ReproScan.

Based on the floor plan analysis, we can also create visualizations of the analyzed properties. From a 2D floor plan we automatically create a walkthrough 3D model and 360° tours, allowing stakeholders to have an immersive property viewing experience.

Embrace the digital transformation of real estate properties with Convaron - For better transparency, predictability and visualization.

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