St. Petersburg,  Russia

2019 | Startup Stage


The uniqueness of the platform: the maximum solution to the needs of participants in the construction market, combining:

1. Information - about projects, assets and market leaders. Local ratings of leading industry companies.

2. Services - Investment and urban planning consulting and audit. Providing analytical reports on land plots, projects, programs, passing construction exams, certification according to Leed, Breeam standards.

3. Technologies - a marketplace for finding customers, contractors and suppliers.

Our project allows investors from all over the world to find the best assets for construction and contracting companies in Russia. Given the volatility of the national currency, investments in Russia are most justified.

This tool allows you to reduce the risk of making the wrong decision about choosing a partner, minimize losses due to the low qualification of the partner and reduce the time required to identify the partner from the point of view of the project.

Our experience and deep knowledge of the Russian construction market make it possible to provide comfortable and confident work to all participants in the construction industry.

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