Mymesh - Control any light, anywhere.
  Haarlem,  Netherlands

2013 | Startup Stage


Today, most devices are wireless. However, much lighting remains old-fashioned. This results in low system flexibility, difficulties in compliance and high operational costs.

It doesn’t matter which industry or market your organisation is in. It needs to adapt in this fast changing world. Mymesh offers this flexibility. It wirelessly connects all your lights, sensors and switches via an extremely scalable network. Adding, changing or removing lights, rooms and entire floors is as simple as starting our app. Construction, maintenance and security all becomes immensely flexible and efficient with Mymesh.

Our founders foresaw the immense potential of having wireless infrastructures back in 2003. Back then, there was one major problem; scalability. No network protocol could connect thousands of devices. This insight was the start of Mymesh’s development.

Today, Mymesh is one of the best solutions to connect, monitor and analyze large wireless networks. It makes Mymesh the ideal network for the public, work and industrial space.


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