British Pearl
Give your money a home
  London,  United Kingdom

2016 | Startup Stage


Our property investment platform aims to transform the way people invest in the property market by making investment affordable, easy and liquid.

Affordable - we enable investment in specific individual properties (rental or development) as a shareholder or a lender from £1,000. Enabling everyone to become a landlord or a mortgage provider.

Easy – we source, secure and manage the property investment for investors, taking the hassle out of property ownership. Our website is simple and easy to use. In a matter of minutes, customers can go from registration to purchasing shares and/or loans in a property of their choice.

Liquid – Our Resale Market enables investors to trade their shares and loans making individual properties a liquid asset, thereby removing one of the biggest drawbacks of property investment.

Diversification - we aim to reinvent the way people invest in property allowing anyone to access landlord or mortgage provider returns. Investors can build a diversified property investment portfolio with varying risk-return profiles online in minutes. We offer multiple asset classes (equity and debt) across multiple property types (new build, refurbishment, high yield, development, commercial) across the UK.

How It Works

Shareholders receive monthly net rental income and a share of any capital appreciation on exit. Lenders receive fixed monthly interest and benefit from a charge against the property. British Pearl loans are also ISA eligible (UK tax efficient).

Customers Our investor customers fall into two groups
(1) those motivated by exposure to property investment and
(2) savers and active investors looking for better risk adjusted returns.

Our property developer customers are those looking for a one stop shop for equity and debt capital and a new sales channel for their completed developments.

Our Mission

Create investor wealth and improve capital mobility

Our Vision

Our vision is to give individuals and institutions the ability to build a bespoke international portfolio by selecting the city, property and investment type all online.

Investors can build a diversified property investment portfolio to suit their needs by providing choice. The ability to choose to invest in the shares and or loans from a menu of different types of property. And finally, provide property developers access to equity and debt capital so they can do what they do best, build beautiful homes.


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