Brickvest is a global Real Estate solution platform for investors and deal sponsors.
  London,  United Kingdom

2014 | Expansion Stage


BrickVest is a global real estate liquidity and transaction platform.
Its activities can be divided into three areas.
1/ BrickVest Access paves the way for interested private and HNW investors to access institutional grade real estate investments.
2/ BrickVest Select is a comprehensive deal listing and club deal investment platform for family offices and institutional investors.
3/ BrickVest Solutions brings comprehensive financial and regulatory solutions to the Real Estate Investment industry.

We cover the whole spectrum in commercial real estate in term of capital types, asset classes, and investment strategies.

Launched in 2016, the BrickVest AIFM-compliant platform has attracted more than 5,500 investors and 850 real estate firms, representing a total of 300Bn of assets of management. Based in London with offices in Berlin, Brickvest has closed one of the largest series A in 2017 in Protech sector, led by BerlinHyp, the leading real estate lender of the Sparkasse group, the largest banking group in Germany.


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