BOOQED Limited
Flexible spaces for business. Wherever. Whenever
  Hong Kong,  Hong Kong SAR China

2016 | Startup Stage


BOOQED is a digital marketplace for tenants and landlords to find or monetize short-term, unused space.

Shift in work culture and pressure for corporates to reduce real-estate costs means a growing need for short-term, flexible options. But finding these spaces is painful and time-consuming. Tenants and landlords lack options to find or monetize unused space. Lack of transparency and hidden costs create trust issues between landlord/tenant.

BOOQED solves these issues by quickly and easily facilitating transactions between tenants needing short-term space and services -- with any unused or underutilized space. BOOQED reduces rental expense of tenants by providing flexible, short-term space options while increasing revenue for landlords and suppliers by monetizing unused space.

Today, BOOQED has over 1,400 listings in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shenzhen, serving the flexible space needs of 30+ corporate clients for everything from meeting rooms to coworking and offices to event venues.

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