Blue Bolt
More than just the access control
  Warsaw,  Poland

2017 | Startup Stage


BlueBolt is a complex PropTech solution allowing users to open any doors or gate using smartphone.
However, the main beneficiaries of BlueBolt implementation are not individual users but space administrators. Our technology provides them with many fruitful opportunities such as monitoring space usage, contactless opening and elevator calls, optimization of energy consumption, cross-systemic integration with other installations and advanced analytics. Some of these features are truly unique – no other product offers the same, which makes us highly competitive.

Also, our app creates entirely new channel of reaching out to tenants. Space owner can send a direct message and push notification to any desired user or group, which remarkably simplifies their contact and creates a true link which was not present before.

We created both hardware and software from scratch and have enough experience and expertise in mobile app development to fully adjust it to particular client's needs. The main technology applied is Bluetooth low energy, which makes our product secure, reliable and compatible with any smartphone on the market.
Our system can be integrated with any other installation such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, lighting or elevators. This allows clients to optimize their usage, which impacts directly on their cost-efficiency.
Blue Bolt has been implemented in several buildings in Poland, both office and residential. We aim our product mainly to these two groups, as access control solutions are most popular there but from our point of view offer very limited possibilities.

What’s important, implementation of our technology is relatively inexpensive comparing to competitors’ solutions and most importantly cost of whole investment.

As a team, we derive from software house, real estate and financial sectors, we believe this mixture of different skills works very well for us. As of now, our main investor is a joint-stock company, but we are open to any new funding, especially given the pace of current project development.