BIMsystems GmbH
We bring virtual components to life
  Stuttgart,  Germany

2015 | Growth Stage


BIMsystems was founded in 2015 by Gregor Müller & a development team and industry experts. Our software company specializes in the use of the model-based planning method Building Information Modeling (BIM). The aim is the max. automated digitalisation of product data (BIM content), the networking of interfaces & the unhindered exchange of data along the value chain of a property.

The corma technology developed by BIMsystems itself is unique worldwide. Based on this corma technology, BIMsystems is able to offer high-performance BIM solutions. BIMsystems enables automation in the creation, maintenance and internationalisation of BIM content, integration into large BIM-enabled CAD systems and the integration of special software solutions. The interaction between component manufacturers, planners, general contractors and project developers is possible thanks to waya.

BIMsystems creates digital twins of building products and makes the geometric and technical properties available to all participants in the value chain - design, construction and operation - via the web-based BIM solution waya!

waya enables component manufacturers to integrate their products directly into the CAD systems of the planners. This works via the plugin, which enables the planner to directly access the manufacturer's products and configure them according to project-specific requirements! The component configuration and the scope of the placed products in the project is synchronized with waya and is available to the manufacturer for analysis, consulting and connection to internal/external systems!

In addition, the database approach makes it possible to operationalize the "Open-BIM" approach required by BMVI. BIMsystems ensures an exchange of BIM objects between ArchiCAD, Revit and Allplan in the first step. This is the only way to realize the potential demanded by the ministry. We are also the only provider to ensure, through waya, that a product-neutral tender is taken into account within the framework of public procurement law using the planning method BIM.

Range of services:
- Consulting BIM for manufacturers & digital transformation
- Database queries to support planning services
- Automation in the creation, maintenance & internationalization of BIM content
- Extensive database-driven analyses & evaluations of user behaviour
- Additional Tools & Apps as well as manufacturer-specific BIM solutions