Any Software, Any Time, Any Place. Pay by the hour.

BIMLOSOPHY goal is to allow stakeholders to slim down their digital workflows. Most of the time information in the AEC industry is shared through PDF's or un-editable file formats. This means a lot of information has to be retyped and re-introduced in different Software many times. This situation reaches it worst state for construction drawings that are shared most of the time as PDF losing almost all of the valuable information in the original drawing file(s).
It was supposed that BIM models through the IFC standard would enhance collaboration and reduce the loss of information, but this is not the case because the amount of work required to create clean and compliant IFC models.
The best solution would be to allow stake holders to open and share Drawings and Models in the native formats in which they were created. This means allowing Stake holders to access any software they need but pay only for what they use.
This is exactly what we do at BIMLOSOPHY, we are creating a service that allows users to access any software they need and pay by the hour. You just need to login, create a virtual workstation, select the software you need and start using it. To improve the learning curve of specialized software we also host our own learning platform where users can learn more about the software they need and the trending technologies in the AEC industry.