Beyon3D Ltd.
Inspiring Innovation
  Maskit 6, Herzelia Pituach,  Israel

2011 | Growth Stage


Founded in Israel in 2011, Beyon3D is a rapidly growing private company, scalable in products, markets, and territories. Beyon3D’s unique business model and increasing product demand, enables brand success, deep market penetration, and maximum profitability.

Beyon3D is first and foremost multidisciplinary building technology and industrial robotics company. Beyon3D has been the spearhead of ingenuity in the construction industry, through the development of new technologies and production processes that allows the creation of new age series of superior concrete building products that is unparalleled in the industry.

Following years of intense R&D, Beyon3D has completed its pioneering technology, reinventing the process of design and manufacturing of innovative constructive and decorative building products, redefining quality and aesthetics in the field.

Utilizing its groundbreaking robotics manufacturing technology, Beyon3D is introducing a catalog of new generation of concrete building products to the market, for a wide spectrum of building projects and client needs.

Construction is underway on the first Beyon3D’s factory in Israel with production scheduled to begin mid 2020. Beyon3D’s first of its kind factory will be an advanced manufacturing facility with significantly more automation including a fully automated robotics manufacturing line which provides concrete end products.