BetonBallon Technology
Organic forms, simply amazing
  Soesterberg,  Netherlands

| Startup Stage


The new way to build beautiful sustainable arched constructions!

The BetonBallon method will change our living environment and the construction & infrastructure market.
The BetonBallon methodology makes it possible to realize beautiful arched constructions in a simple, durable and affordable way. Until now, arched constructions were very expensive to build because of the large amount of labor, heavy equipment, machinery and transportation.

More experience, using less resources and manpower

We achieve this new way to build arched construction with the use of a balloon. On site, we inflate the balloon in the desired shape and than we spray the concrete on the balloon. After the curing of the concrete we deflate the balloon. After deflating, we’re able to reuse it for the next construction. This allows us to make beautiful constructions for: residences, hotels, recreation parks, terimals, landmarks, road tunnels, bicycle tunnels, ecoducts etc. Together with the Technical University Eindhoven, we tested this new methodology methodology successfully. In Schijndel (Holland) we’ve built a extraordinary office with the BetonBallon.

The BetonBallon has many advantages:
• Material savings: up to 50% on concrete and up to 70% on steel
• We reduce the amount of CO2 emissions drastically, up to 60% on the structural shell
• Less transport and logistics processes and less use of heavy equipment
• Freedom of form
• Affordability of beautiful arched constructions and spans
• Shorter construction time
• Cost reduction on slim arched constructions

BetonBallon, the new way to build beautiful arched constructions!

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