Glasgow,  United Kingdom

2016 | Seed Stage


We are Beringar and we create clever space. So what is clever space?

Well, property is the most valuable asset class on Earth, but, unfortunately it's also one of the most poorly managed. Property decisions are still based on gut feel, often resulting in companies acquiring more space than they need and wasting hard earned profits.

Data is key to transforming global real estate. Smarter buildings that are more efficient, comfortable and productive. This is clever space.

We develop smart sensors, powered by machine learning that make buildings talk.
We use machine vision to count and position people in a building whilst simultaneously measuring temperature, air quality, light and sound levels.
We deliver actionable insights with a dashboard, helping clients make faster, better property decisions.

From sensor to API, we deliver an end to end service TODAY that helps to reduce energy consumption, improve utilisation and avoid unnecessary relocation - all from just £60 per desk per year. But our vision for tomorrow goes further with our data providing the foundation for fully autonomous buildings, that, like self-driving cars, will operate with less human guidance.

The time is right. We are the company that will help to transform the Real Estate industry.

We are Beringar and we create clever space.