Mannheim,  Germany

2017 | Startup Stage


Communication on construction sites is suffering more than ever from the increasing time pressure. In most cases, site managers and architects have to take care of many construction sites at the same time, be constantly available and provide instructions or legally binding declarations.
As a result, there is often no time to carry out the necessary communication with due diligence. Important facts are only discussed verbally or confirmed by a short e-mail. In the process, errors occur and information is lost. Already forgotten to give the subcontractor a formal notice period for remedying the defect, threatening to terminate the contract or notifying the subcontractor of a hindrance or its removal. This pays off at the time of acceptance, at the latest in the event of a possible disagreement on the amount of the final invoice.
This is where the newly developed digital and secure communication aid baufolio+ comes in. The goal of baufolio+ is the legal protection of the user, combined with a clear simplification of communication.
With baufolio+, the user receives a work aid with which he can quickly and conveniently write letters from a PC, tablet or smartphone from the construction site that meet the legal and content requirements. The work aid covers the topics acceptance, execution deadlines, notification of objections, notification of disability, defects, acts of cooperation, hourly wages and condition assessment across all trades.
The letters are prepared in the gap text, so that the user can create a complete letter - if necessary with a photo - on the go or fill in an hourly schedule with just a few clicks and information. The mandatory fields contained in the gap text prevent necessary content such as deadlines or threats of termination from missing. The autofill function automatically inserts the user's personal data such as company, contact person, address and telephone number into the letter. The user can immediately print out the letter on the smartphone / tablet or save it directly as a PDF and send it by e-mail. With baufolio+ Individually it is also possible to use your own templates and create the letters on the company's own stationery. An app does not need to be installed to use baufolio+. All it takes is internet access and two minutes.