Arivo Smart Parking
Simple, but powerful parking managment and e-commerce software based on industry leading licence plate technology.

Simple, but powerful parking managment and e-commerce software based on best in class licence plate technology for real estate objects, car park operators or owners and industry.

State-of-the-art technology - Maintenance-free - Easy to use

Arivo offers everything from a single source, from a simple parking solution with an industry leading license plate recognition rate to a complete online platform to rent your parking lots. Our web-based automated parking management makes parking access and management easy, modern and profitable.

Arivo Smart Parking solution provides convenient access through reliable and fast license plate recognition, as well as a transparent and easy self-management and payment portal for the user of the car park. This enables parking lot bookings and reservations with a simple click.

For the car park operator or the owner of the real estate, this means a modern, maintenance-free system. The benefits are low installation cost, reduced administration cost, easy integration with existing systems and control over actual usage and capacity. This allows both occupancy rates and turnover to be planned and optimised in the best way possible.

Our new E-Commerce Solution allows car park operators to manage tariffs, contracts, and payments of all their parking spaces centrally from anywhere. Parking contracts can be sold 24/7 online, so no paperwork is needed. The automatic collection of the invoice amount and automatic warning and blocking in the case of a non-payment increase the revenue and reduce administration efforts at the same time.

The investment in our sophisticated and scalable solution is already profitable for small garages but also suitable for highly complex requirements.

Arivo's digital smart parking management is ideally suited for residential buildings that want to increase their value with a modern access solution and manage their associated parking spaces efficiently and with little administrational effort.

Automated parking management reduces cost for management, moving parts and maintenance and it optimizes utilization, sales and profits. Additional income can be achieved through flexible authorizations and controlled overbooking.

The automated parking management system offers flexible permissions to monitor and control different user groups and capacities in a simple and convenient way. Extra income can be generated by renting outside peak times.