Ariadne Maps
Generating data to optimize your operations
  Munich,  Germany

2019 | Startup Stage


Ariadne Maps offers solutions that allow physical spaces (such as cities, airports, malls, retailers) to monitor passenger flows in real time to optimize operations with no violation of privacy regulations. We have achieved excellent results with major companies such as Glasgow Airport, Deutsche Bahn and multiple malls.

Cell phones communicate the outer world via sending signals, such as LTE, 4G, GSM, WiFi, BLE and more. We capture all these signals through our optimally positioned devices and use them to calculate the exact location of the visitors. Our technology enables us to pinpoint passengers and analyse their movement patterns, without them having to do anything. That allows managers to;

- minimize queues in check-in and security areas,
- increase the efficiency of spaces,
- optimise sales in duty free area,
- enable better targeted advertising and marketing,
- identify the trends and understand how people move the premises, and so much more.

What makes us unique is;
- People don’t have to install any application or connect to a network,
- We are in the best cluster in terms of localisation accuracy - up to 1 meter - 40 inch (IPIN 2018),
- We can even track the new generation smartphones which have randomisation,
- We can assign unique ID to visitors and measure the loyalty, and more.

Our Plug and Play product takes 2 minutes per device to install with no need for expensive and troublesome infrastructure or application installation. This would allow you to test our product with minimum cost.