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Smart FM | Lifecycle BIM | Digital Twin | Sustainability
  Oslo,  Norway

2013 | Seed Stage


Areo is a platform for collaboration and data integration for the real estate and facilities management industries.
Areo lets real industry professionals share any kind of building data in a secure and controlled manner across the whole value chain including building end users, external contractors, service partners and government officials.
By configuring templates to own needs or by assembling and mixing ready made application components, Areo users can run virtually any building or asset related process on the platform.
Areo is built on open standards and provide an open application programming interface simplifying data capture and enterprise system integration, while preventing vendor lock in.
Areo has been developed in close collaboration with visionary building owners and facilities managers. Areo has a special focus on the end user, both the end user of the Areo product and the end user of the building.
Areo are working hard to unleash the potential for lifecycle BIM with a special focus on efficiencies in the operational phase of the asset lifecycle. Areo have developed tools and methodologies to ensure that the Digital Twins from the design and construction processes are fit for both operational and refurbishment use.
In 2017 Areo received a govermental grant from Innovation Norway in their "Environmental technology" scheme for the project "Sustainable Use of Buildings".
The company see huge interest from the market in getting tools and methodologies in the intersection between Building Information Modelling and Sustainability. By combining user friendliness and smart technology the company aims to help both these movements go mainstream, move into the operational phase and gain momentum also for the existing building stock.
Areo founders have previous experience founding, building, scaling and exiting both companies and product platforms for industries like construction, real estate, oil & gas, utilities and engineering.

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