Archilyse AG
Data Empowerment for Real Estate Decision Makers
  Zurich,  Switzerland

2017 | Startup Stage


Measuring architectural qualities objectively increases profits for everyone.
We know that architecture influences health and productivity of human beings. Archilyse makes architecture and real estate quality measurable, comparable and understandable for everybody. We provide qualitative insights and empower decisions based on data analytics and objective, measurable performance indicators. By means of our AI-supported API we will free the world from repetitive, dull, time-consuming and hence costly tasks. As a result, our customers can focus on creating innovations and improvements to empower their customer experiences and augment the quality of our world’s working & living spaces.

As a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary team of nine motivated people we all work hard because we believe in Archilyse. With backgrounds in Business Administration, Engineering, Computer Science, Astrophysics and Architecture we all share a commitment to good communication, collaboration, and developing great products. Find Archilyse and our team on linkedin:


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