Archilyse AG
The One-Click DNA Analysis for Architecture
  Zurich,  Switzerland

2017 | Startup Stage


Archilyse, founded in 2017, is a PropTech start-up that operates a service for holistically analysing and evaluating urban and architectural situations. Bridging architecture, mathematics and machine learning Archilyse processes big data into a variety of simulations like view or acoustic analysis or financial valuations. Feature rich multi-dimensional representations of spatial scenarios help to optimize processes in architecture and construction. This is done by Archilyse's API (Application Program Interface) which offers numerous application options that apply to the whole value chain in the real estate industry – including banks, funds, planners and consultants.

Archilyse is based on Dr. Matthias Standfest’s PhD thesis at ETH Zurich where he researched how to index urban geometries according to emergent high-level features with the use of large scale unsupervised learning. He therefore investigated how geometry can be automatically analysed with machine learning tools. This way, Archilyse closes the gap between architecture and math, providing a brand new way of analysing architecture and making use of these manifold outputs.

As a software-as-a-service solution Archilyse offers one-click analysis and comparisons of architecture. Property data is uploaded by the user and subsequently processed using bespoke algorithms built upon state-of-the-art research. The resulting data including 3D models is aggregated and returned to the user – giving them a deeper insight and more complete understanding of their properties. Thus, architectural qualities become objectively measurable and comparable.

As a cross-cultural and interdisciplinary team of 9 motivated people we all work hard because we believe in Archilyse. With backgrounds in Electronics, Engineering, Computer Science, Astrophysics and Architecture we all share a commitment to good communication, collaboration, and developing great products. Find Archilyse and our team on linkedIN:


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