Dream. Develop. Deliver.
  Amsterdam,  Netherlands

2014 | Startup Stage


3DU-RealEstate provides software for advanced 3D scanning, analysis and visualization technologies for the consumer and SME market. Our software is the solution for creating 3D scans of objects, houses and buildings. It provides prospective buyers with the opportunity to ‘walk through’ buildings on their computers and mobile phones to get a sense of ‘feel’ for the objects in the building and the building itself. Using these 3D scans you are able to provide detailed dimensions, eliminating the need for separate detailed measurements. Due to our unique technology to interact with recognized objects, prospective buyers could redecorate the houses with the furniture of their liking.

Our technology and service provide the following solutions:

-Full 3D scanning of objects, apartments and complete buildings
-3D virtual tours using a standard viewer (e.g. computers and websites)
-3D virtual tours using VR (e.g. mobile phones and tablets)
-Automatic generation of floor-plans
-Interaction between 3D virtual tour and floor-plan (easy overview)
-Interactive measurement tools for detailed measurements
-Interaction with objects to redecorate the houses


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