twingz development

Building Operations
Vienna, Austria

Company Profile

Branche Building Operations
Gründungsjahr 2011
Mitarbeiter 4
Hauptsitz Vienna, Austria
twingz provides a software as a service product for damage prevention. Its based on the processing and analysis of electrical meter data feeds, identifying the behaviour of individual electrical appliances in a particular household or business. Via our disaggregation machine technology (non intrusive load monitoring), faulty appliances and can be identified and appliances with a risk/tendency to fault can be recognized via their consumption pattern. Also risky use of appliances can be detected due to the recognition of activity times and consumption levels. This information + hints & alarms are available via our API and can be delivered to other (backend) systems. Also, there is a frontend (= iOS & Android App) for consumers, displaying the status of the particular household or business and communicating the beforementioned hints & alarms. Thus, new business models, as e.g. "pay as you work/live" are enabled: a flat insurance fee can be offered to consumers/businesses using our non intrusive monitoring system, while the insurance company profits due to less damage cases and therefore less payout amounts.

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