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Gründungsjahr 2017
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Hauptsitz Itu, Brazil
Kraft paper, which is used in bag packaging, is considered prime because it uses 100% virgin fibers from pine and eucalyptus. However, despite its huge potential for recycling, only cement bags alone are more than 500 million or more than 80 thousand tons of kraft paper discarded throughout Brazil without the possibility of recycling, since the impurities present in the bags. hindered this process. For nature this is a big problem, because the waste contained in the bags contaminates the water and the soil, bringing a serious environmental problem.

ReciGreen puts an end to this waste in a practical and very efficient way. The company has exclusive equipment that removes up to 98% of the waste from cement, mortar, lime and plaster bags, without the use of water, thus offering recycling.

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