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Branche Engineering & Project Management
Gründungsjahr 2016
Mitarbeiter 110
Hauptsitz Singapore, Singapore
The new world needs over 7 BN visualizations every year. These visualizations are core to what we call as "visual decision making". The corner apartment or the park-facing apartment? Blue color or yellow color? This sofa in my living room or that sofa? This office or that office?

Interior Designers need design visualizations for their clients. Builders need to showcase their property designs. Commercial/ office leasing agents need "test-fits" to convince tenants that this office can accommodate over 180 seats.

Unfortunately, only 12% of all visualization needs are being fulfilled today. This is because the softwares available to create visualizations are clumsy, very cumbersome, need heavy investment in training/ manpower and infrastructure. They can't be used by millions of real-estate professionals! You need separately trained "3d artists or graphic designers" to use them.

We have created a cloud-based visualization platform that is super easy to use and yet professionally capable, integrates with all existing software, is totally immersive (as opposed to only image) and is powered by next gen-AI and 3d technology. This is a leading product in India and Singapore. Now will reach US in 2019

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