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Especially in economically uncertain times, banks need reliable methods for risk assessment that are simultaneously fast and can be efficiently integrated into the system landscape, while providing the user with a deep understanding of market dynamics. While personal credit assessment has come a long way, there has been a lack of reliable and transparent methods for determining and forecasting real estate values - even though real estate market fluctuations can have a devastating impact on banks' balance sheets, indeed on financial market stability and the overall economy, as the past has shown. The reason for this shortcoming is the heterogeneity of real estate, the spatial and temporal dynamics in the real estate market, and a complex and non-transparent data situation. As a result, real estate valuation has often been treated as a "secret science." The mobile web software ImmAzing® was specially tailored for the requirements of banks and financial service providers. We provide scientifically data products for every phase of the credit life cycle. To achieve this goal we use methods of machine learning, like Natural Language Processing, Neural Networks and Bayesian Semiparametric Statistical Models. This set of bleeding edge tools and methods is combined in order to provide an inspiring real estate valuation.