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Los Angeles, United States

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Branche Building Materials & Systems
Gründungsjahr 2018
Mitarbeiter 4
Hauptsitz Los Angeles, United States
CO2Concrete has developed pioneering technologies to cost-effectively transform flue gas CO2 into concrete products. Our core business involves licensing end-to-end technology packages that enable the manufacture of precast concrete components (e.g., concrete blocks, etc.) from CO2. These packages will be licensed to owners/operators of CO2-emitting facilities (e.g., coal/natural gas power plants, cement/steel/chemical production) to beneficially utilize (and mitigate) their CO2 emissions. The process is notably energy efficient as pre-treatment (e.g., carbon capture and enrichment) and excessive heating/pressurization are unnecessary. Our technology packages will focus on the manufacture of precast construction components that are widely used, globally, including: blocks, pavers, hollow-core slabs, etc., which will feature an embodied carbon intensity (eCI) up to 75% lower than traditional concrete counterparts. This offers the potential to realize the cross-sector management of CO2 from any emissions source into concrete construction products, which feature a global market size in excess of $900 billion.

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