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CoCircular was born with the mission of preventing waste from ending up in the landfill, with construction being our first sector of action. For this, we add value to Promoters, Construction Companies, Architecture Studios, Engineering Companies and public Institutions, through our Circular Waste Management service. Through our 360º advisor platform we offer a comprehensive digital service for each of your works, helping them to carry out a good execution on site, optimizing costs, demonstrating the traceability of waste, avoiding penalties, complying with the European Union guidelines on Circular Economy and above all contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals: 8, 11, 12 and 13 of the 2030 Agenda. The 360º advisor is an automated tool that makes our service visible and supports, and is built in an open way that allows integration with third-party systems. It allows you to analyze in detail how waste management should improve, measures the traceability of each waste and offers impact metrics to the entire value chain and to the main departments of the company: Construction, Quality and Environment, Marketing, Finance. All this in addition to a very intuitive and visual way, with graphs, reports and in real time. It is for all this that we create a great competitive barrier against other companies in the sector. In addition, it has allowed us to capture non-existent data for the sector so far by any other platform: Analyzing 1,000 types of existing waste, more than 800 waste management agents, and more than 30 types of containers; having captured more than 7,000 different streams; and offering more than 2,400 rates. With all this "big data" captured so far, we managed to generate Business Intelligence for correct decision-making, digitizing processes that were not previously. On the other hand, with information in almost real time, there is advanced digital traceability of each waste, with the following added value: Documentary support of the movements made. Complete view of the life cycle. Positive CO2 impact. Cost analysis. Obtaining real metrics regarding waste management ratios. We certify all this effort with our two own certificates: the “Sello Valoriza”, which indicates the % of final real valorization achieved. And the “Sello Recicla”, which measures all the amount of waste that has become recyclable raw material and has returned to work as a product or a constructive solution. These certifications do not exist through another company or entity, and we have already obtained confirmation from the SGS certifier to endorse them. Finally, we would like to emphasize that in our impact measurements, the most important thing is that we carry more than 675.000 tons of recovered waste, which means about 130 Olympic swimming pools. And, with respect to the traditional system, we have more than 90% of the carbon deficit saved, and more than 45% of CO2 avoided to the environment. Finally, economy and ecology go hand in hand and we are showing it.