thomas herr
Dr. Thomas Herr
Head of Digital Innovation

Dr. Thomas Herr is the EMEA Head of the Digital Innovation department at the real estate consultancy CBRE. The studied architect has got an abundance of experience in the areas of planning, project management, due diligence, and technical asset management. Herr has been working at CBRE since 2014 as the company he founded in 2002, VALTEQ GmbH was taken over by CBRE. Today, VALTEQ is a part of CBRE PREUSS VALTEQ GmbH. Dr. Herr was essential in the setup of the market leading due diligence in the company’s operational business and is now responsible particularly for the areas of business development, digitalisation, innovation, and IT.

»For a long time, the branch has lived with with a certain amount of intransparency. Whole business models have been built on this concept. This will now change as will the collaboration between client and provider – but also between people and machines. 75% of those employed within the real estate industry are not prepared for digital technology according to a recent study conducted by us. One must build digital competence and invest in the technology of the future. The most important thing, however, is to transform the company from within and shift the company culture.«